Authority Incubator


I know it feels hella overwhelming to double your revenue or make shift from done-for-you to one-to-many...

Let me make this clear:

You don't need a thousand ideas, tactics, tricks and hacks...

You need a solid strategy that is customized to YOU! 

You don't need to build a huge audience or spends thousands on Facebook Ads to make more money...

You need to get strategic with how to scale your service or package your expertise into a scalable offer... (this can be one-on-one OR one-to-many)

You don't need another journal filled with affirmations that feel pointless...

You need a mindset overhaul that shifts your identity from 'best kept secret' to AUTHORITY...

You don't need you drop your biz friends and find a new circle...

You need to EXPAND your circle...

And I'm here to help, and I create a program that is

This program is for you if....

  • You are amazing at what you do, but you feel like you are a 'best kept secret'.
  • You keep seeing your competitors on podcasts, speaking, getting media - and you know deep down that you are meant for that too!
  • You are looking shift your offers so you can scale! (This might be productizing your service OR shifting to a one-to-many offer)
  • You realize how much your mindset is getting in the way, you are ready to learn how to have an authority mindset!
  • You feel like your circle is too small, you might be thinking you need a 'new' one - you don't need a new one, just a BIGGER one!
  • You are ready to get out of your own way and go all in on your dreams and goals! The last thing you want is to be in the same place you are now 6 months from now...

If this resonates with you, I would LOVE to support you with leveling up from 'best kept secret' expert to the go-to authority!

The Authority Incubator is a 6 month group program that is + one-part accelerator and one-part mastermind (It also includes 2 in-person components one in NYC and one in Rochester, NY)!

This program will help you...

  • Position yourself as an Authority in your space
  • Strategize your Suite of Solutions, the right offers (and messaging!) in front of the right people!
  • Develop an Authority Mindset
  • Leverage Others Peoples Platforms (Podcasts/Media/Guest Blogging/Guest Expert-ing etc)
  • Build intentional relationships that lead to business growth and opportunities

So that you can....
🌟 Stop letting fear and imposter syndrome!

🌟 Sell the programs you *really* want to sell…and fill them….

🌟 Charge what you want…and feel crazy confident with it…

🌟 Get asked to speak, be interviewed for podcasts, and get invited to be a guest expert…

🌟 Sign sponsors that basically pay you to do what you are already doing…

🌟 Collaborate with influencers in your space

🌟 Be featured in the media, TV, or writing for the top publications in your niche…

This is NOT a dream!

This could be your reality...

And that is why I created the Authority Incubator!

This isn't publicly available yet, but I've opened up the Authority Incubator to our Best Month Ever group before anyone else -with an incredible exclusive bonus!

Total Program Value: Over $10,000 (The next time I launch it, it will likely be at this rate!)

Your Investment: $6,000 (Or $887/mo for 7 months - APRIL ONLY PAYMENT PLAN)


So how does this work?

Step 1: Fill Out the Application
There is no sales page yet, and no 'click here' buy button .... if you are excited, intrigued, or want to know more... fill out the application HERE

Step 2: We Talk
After you fill out the application, I will reach out to you in 48 hours to set up a call. This is a private call with me, and whether you decide to join or not, I know you will get so much value from it!

We will dive deep into where you are now, get clear on where you want to go, and discuss what solution is the best to help you get there!

If you are a fit for the program, I will invite you to join. If you are not a fit, I will give you my best recommendation or referral that fits your needs best. 

PS If you have any Qs, send us an email at

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1 Lessons